SEO Audit & Recommendations

612 SEO consultants can provide you with a full analysis of your website’s SEO performance and opportunities for growth. We have audited many sites and know what search engines like Google look for when deciding search rankings. When conducting an audit, we look for things like the quality of content on your site, keyword usage, front-end code, and links to your site. These are just some of the factors we can analyze and offer actionable recommendations on how to improve them for SEO and increased search traffic. Our audits and reporting will show you:
  • Opportunities To Add SEO Content
  • Site Code that May Impede Search Engine Bot Crawls
  • Number and Quality of Incoming Links
  • Content that May Incite Search Engine Penalties
  • Opportunities to Improve Search Conversion Rates
A quality and thorough SEO audit is a great starting point for an effective SEO campaign. When 612 audits your site, we can show you the site content, code, or structure issues that may be keeping you from getting more traffic. When new websites are built without the aid of an SEO consultant or SEO experienced programmers, many unintentional issues may affecting search rankings negatively. A few tweeks in your sites set up can be the difference between page one rankings and not showing up in search engines at all. With an SEO audit from 612, we can show you some simple quick fixes to increase search traffic, along with long term recommendations to develop a professional search engine optimization campaign.Search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo have preferred site structures and front end coding that they reward with higher search rankings. We know what search engines are looking for and can help you update your site accordingly. At 612, we have years of search engine experience and can put that experience to work getting you higher search rankings, more traffic, and increased sales. Call us today to learn how we can improve your SEO results.