Link Building

link buildingLink Building is one of the most important factors in a sites search engine ranking. All of the top ranked sites have lots of links and usually have a strong link building strategy. With 612, your site will get the quality and quantity of links necessary to perform well in search.
  • Quality Links from sites with High PageRank
  • Blog links that deliver strong contextual backlinks
  • Content Marketing with high quality articles and link back to your site.
  • Links from participating in online forums like blog comments
  • Building Links on other sites with content similar to your business or industry.

Link Building Company That Delivers

Effective link building strategies are continuous and on-going. When sites start and stop link building, they find their search results fade over time. To improve your search traffic, SEO experts will tell you that sites like Google are looking for continuous growth in links from relevant and varied sources. To get number one rankings and keep them, not only does your on-page SEO need to be good, you will also need quality link building. Tested, Proven and Successful Link BuildingAt 612, we employ tested strategies and are always updating our link building based on changes in search engine algorithms. The link building we do is tested and proven to result in dramatic improvements to our clients SEO. We help our clients build the links that get them to the top of the search results and keep them there. Contact us to see how we can help you.Link Building 101• Link Building Obtaining links by creating, earning, or buying links on 3rd party sites to the target web site. Also known as backlinking.• PageRank Google uses PageRank as a numeric scoring of a site’s search engine strength. PageRank is based on hundreds of factors both on-site and off-site. The score is based on how closely a site meets what Google thinks good pages should contain and the number of inbound links the site has from other sites and the quality of those sites.• Inbound Links Links from web pages, directories, websites, or top level domains to your site. Also known as inward links, backlinks,incoming links and inlinks.• Outbound Links Links that go out from your website to other websites. Too many of this type of link can hurt a site’s SEO. Reciprocal links are one way to mitigate this but depend on the quality of the sites sharing links.• Reciprocal Links A reciprocal Link is an inbound link to your site that corresponds to an outbound link to that specific linking site. These are not as beneficial as One-way Inbound Links.• Internal Links These are links on a website that point to other pages on the same site.• Deep Linking Link building that targets pages deeper in a sites hierarchy than the homepage. For an eCommerce site, this could including links to category or product pages.• Anchor Text This is the text that accompanies a link on a site. When doing link building for SEO, having the anchor text of a link match highly searched terms is more valuable than generic text like “Click Here”.