Landing Page & Conversion Optimization

What pages are visitors hitting first when they come to your site and how do those pages perform? This is sometimes an overlooked but very important part of SEO, but at 612 we take a holistic approach to search engine optimization and will help you build pages that attract a lot of search traffic and help you convert that traffic into real customers, leads, and sales. Our search experts can build web pages that rank highly in Google and other search engines. We do this by writing quality and well researched content with the targeted terms and keywords that your customers are looking for.
  • SEO Landing Pages with Quality Content and Keywords
  • Pages Designed to Convert and Decrease Bounce Rates
  • Analytics and Tracking to Monitor Page Performance
  • Lead Generation and Lead Capture
612 can design and build pages that implement the best practices in the industry to take new visitors and turn them into new customers. A bounce is when someone visits a page on your site and immediately leaves. We don’t like bounces at 612 and we make landing pages that encourage visitors to stay on your site and buy a product, fill out a form, or accomplish what ever goals your site is designed for. If you don’t already have analytics, we can hook that up too so the performance of each landing page can be tracked.A good landing page should attract a lot of traffic, keep visitors on your site, and turn those visitors into customers for your business. The programmers and designers at 612 can build pages that are designed to rank well on search engines. When a page is tailored for specific search term your customers are looking for, that customer is more likely to use your site than people who come in on the home page. We specialize in brining visitors deep into your site so they are closer to the pages that make you money, like product pages or lead generation forms. Contact us today to learn how we can start building you better landing pages.