Keyword Research

Good SEO starts with good keyword research. At 612, we have the tools and experience to do conduct comprehensive research that will provide you with the important search words, terms, and phrases that your customers are using. We will find the specific terms that get high volumes of searches and are specific to your business. Our keyword researchers will work closely with your company so we can provide you with only the keywords that are relevant to you and your customers. With 612, you can expert SEO keywords that will generate large amounts of high quality traffic to your website.
  • Keyword Strategies for Every Page on Your Site
  • Geographical Targeted Terms for Specific Cities or States
  • Research Data includes Keywords, Estimated Traffic, and Competitiveness
  • Keyword Research Tailored for Every Individual Business and Website
612 keyword research will help your website see higher rankings and more search engine traffic. We will find out what the mostly highly searched terms are for your industry and can create content for your website that will help you reach page one on search engines. If you have a large website, we can create keyword lists for the different areas and pages of your site. We can even do keyword research for every product on your site. We can write the content and build the pages ourselves, or if you prefer, show you how to do it yourself.Our SEO keyword research can included terms specific to a region or city so you’re only doing work on search for customers that live in your area. We can also do competitive keyword research and tell you what words your competition is ranking on. Good keyword research is the foundation of quality search marketing. You can trust 612 to help your company create a keyword list that will serve as a blue print for SEO success. Contact us today to learn about how our keyword research and search marketing services can help you.