Competitive SEO Analysis

The SEO analysts at 612 can provide you with comprehensive data and reports on your competitors search marketing efforts and what it will take to outrank them. We have the tools and experience to show you how to beat your competition on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Many sites that try and do SEO internally without expert help often wonder why they can’t beat the sites that are ranking higher than them on key search terms. At 612 we can show you how those sites got onto page 1 and what you can do to beat them. We offer:
  • Comprehensive Data and Actionable Reporting
  • Information on Competitors’ Keywords, Links, and Search Traffic
  • Campaign Proposals to Beat the Competition
  • Analysis on Competitors Weak Areas that can Easily be Beat
When it comes to search engines, the competition is everything. In order to be on page one, you have to beat whoever is already there. 612 uses tools and analytics to determine what factors it will take to reach a certain ranking including how many links a site needs, how much on-site content is required, and what other factors may be helping your competitors rank well, including social media, domain name, site design, or other factors. If your competitors are using malicious or questionable methods to rank in search engines, we have techniques for reporting them to search engines or getting them penalized.Is there a website out there that you just can’t stand losing to in search rankings? Everyone wants to be the number one term but not everyone knows how to get there. With a 612 competitive SEO analysis, you can learn what is all behind search engine results and what other sites are doing to get those top spots. SEO is largely based on the number and quality of links going to a web page and the quality of the content on that page. 612 can work with you to build pages and obtain links that will help you beat the competition.